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Arkansas House Passes a Bill Requiring Pharmacist Consultants at Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

by admin on March 29th, 2017 at 11:22 am

The Arkansas House of Representatives passed HB 2190, which amends the state’s medical marijuana guidelines and, amongst other things, requires medical marijuana dispensaries appoint a ‘pharmacist consultant‘ who, as a registered dispensary agent, would provide training to the dispensary at least once per year.

Under HB 2190, which is now headed to the Arkansas senate, a dispensary shall appoint a pharmacist consultant who is a pharmacist licensed with the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy (Arkansas Board). Additionally, the pharmacist consultant is expected to register as a dispensary agent and follow all procedures, some which include the following:

  1. Developing and providing training to other dispensary agents at least one (1) time every twelve months from the initial date of the opening of the dispensary;
  2. Assist in the development and implementation of review and improvement processes for patient education and support provided by the dispensary;
  3. Provide oversight for the development and dissemination of educational materials for patients and their caregivers, information about side effects, potential drug-drug interactions, and policies and procedures for refusing to provide medical marijuana to individuals who appear to be impaired or abusing marijuana and;
  4. Be accessible by the dispensary or dispensary agent via telephone or video conference during business hours.
Finally, the bill also protects pharmacist consultants from arrest, prosecution or penalty from the Arkansas Board or any other business or professional licensing board solely for performing their duties as a pharmacist consultant for a registered dispensary.
Baer Law will keep you updated on the HB 2190 and the role of Arkansas Pharmacist Consultants.
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