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Ohio Pharmacy Law: Expanding the Powers of the Pharmacist

by admin on January 9th, 2017 at 4:32 pm

Ohio House Bill 188 (HB 188), which passed last year, greatly expands the role of the Ohio pharmacist by streamlining the collaborative practice agreement paperwork and allowing physicians to enter into an agreement with multiple pharmacists to manage drug therapy for their patients.

Under an Ohio collaborative practice agreement, pharmacists can order blood or urine tests, analyze the results and then, add, modify or discontinue a drug without requiring a qualified physician to cosign, provided the pharmacist’s work is done within the scope of the collaborative practice agreement.

Additionally, HB 188 allows pharmacists to order a 30-day supply of a prescription refill for patient if the prescription has expired and a physician cannot be reached.

With the passage of HB 188, Ohio joins other states such as California, North Carolina, Oregon and Washington, that have recently updated their collaborative practice agreements. Ultimately, the goal is to have pharmacists become more involved in nondispensing, hands-on patient care.



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