Elder Law

Elder Law is a specialized area of law that involves representing, counseling and assisting seniors and their families understand a wide variety of legal, medical, financial, social and familial issues.

Long Term Care Planning

Skilled health care costs and services are dramatically increasing. Long term care planning is the process of planning for present and future health care either through home health services, assisted living services or skilled nursing services. John assists in finding planning solutions that will maximize long term care benefits while also protecting assets for families and loved ones.

Medicaid planning and applications

Long term care benefits (i.e. Medicaid) are very complex. General rules exist that limit the amount of assets for eligibility. John counsels his clients and their families on asset structuring in an effort to preserve and protect counted and uncounted assets.

Wills and Trusts

Estate planning is a process to ensure assets are distributed at your death according to your wishes. All individuals should have an estate plan. John assists his clients in coordinating ownership and beneficiary designations with a legal document, either a will or trust, to ensure all his client’s wishes are met.

Power of Attorney and Advanced Directives

A Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive (or living will) are two essential estate planning documents. John assists his clients in designating a legal authority who can handle financial affairs during your lifetime and/or who can make medical decisions if you cannot communicate or give directions regarding your health care wishes.

Guardianships and Conservatorships

By completing a Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive prior to an accident, illness or incapacity, you will avoid having the courts appoint a guardian or conservator or administrator. John’s clients avoid the time and expense of court involvement of a guardian or conservatorship

Nursing Home Admission Agreements

Without a doubt, placing a loved one in a nursing home is a stressful event. During the admission process, the individual or their family may not fully appreciate the significance or the legal effect of the nursing home admission agreement or contract. John is available to review the admission agreements and advises his clients of the legal issues surrounding nursing home contracts.

Financial Abuse and Exploitation

The elderly, due to dementia as well as a wide variety of other illnesses, may not be able to distinguish between who is assisting them with their finances and who is exploiting or defrauding them. John is able to assist in putting a stop to this abuse by removal of a trustee, a guardian or a conservator, if needed.