John Paul Baer

John brings over fifteen combined years of experience as a pharmacist and attorney to the Baer Law Firm LLC. John’s personal goal since finishing law school was to incorporate both his experiences as a clinical pharmacist and an attorney into his own, successful law practice.

After obtaining his undergraduate and his Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD) degrees from the University of Arizona, John relocated to Colorado. He continued to work as a clinical hospital pharmacist while attending law school and obtained his Juris Doctorate (JD) at the University of Denver College of Law.

Clinical pharmacy taught John to be persistent, to focus on intricate details, stress accuracy and to seldom proceed without all of the facts. Similarly, law has taught John to scrutinize details, to identify, validate and analyze all the facts and case law, and accurately question the facts so as to fully understand why, how and to what extent the facts are relevant to the particular issues at hand. With his unique skill set and experiences, John is able to provide his clients with competent, quality service.

As a clinical pharmacist in the intensive care setting, John works directly with physicians and nurses monitoring critically ill patients. As the medication expert, he is a crucial part of the medical management team and has observed and witnessed firsthand how health care policies, procedures and regulations directly affect health care. John has successfully incorporated these experiences into his legal practice by focusing, in part, on health care policies and regulations, licensing standards, patient privacy and elder law issues.

A defining moment of John’s legal career came shortly after he graduated law school when a seemingly healthy seventy-six year old family member became critically ill after surgery and spent over three months hospitalized due to unforeseen complications.

Family members frantically scrambled to understand, or at least become familiar with, the state and federal health care laws, rules, regulations, and policies. The family searched to find legal documents, some decades old, and hastily tried to get their family affairs in order as the situation progressively worsened.

Was there a living will? Who has medical power of attorney? Would Medicare cover rehab? Was long-term care an option?

Deeply affected, John immediately decided to focus on elder law issues. He uses his knowledge of the health care system and his powers as an attorney to ensure that his family, and other families with similar situations, would not have to waste precious time searching for vital documents during this stressful and emotionally charged time period. He believes the family focus should remain on the ill loved one. Thus, John also proudly focuses on powers of attorney, advanced directives, long term planning and guardianship and conservatorships.

Preparing for an unplanned or unexpected event became a primary focus. John wholeheartedly believes family is foremost and, while no one can predict the future, John can help you become more prepared to address unexpected.

John values close, personal client relationships and focuses on fully understanding each client’s objectives and expectations. Through effective communication, efficient work management and predictable fees, John delivers the results his clients deserve. Client focused and results driven. Baer Law.

While John’s primary focus is Health Care Law, Pharmacy Law, and Elder Law, he also provides health care associated consulting regarding managed care issues, patient safety and privacy, Medicare and Medicaid planning, and professional licensing, accreditation and certification.

John has been a resident of Colorado area for over ten years. In his free time he enjoys exploring the Rocky Mountains with his wife, their three sons, and their Saint Bernard.