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Elder Law

Assisting seniors and their families address complex legal, medical, financial, and familial issues that commonly affect the elderly population. Discussions commonly include long-term care planning, advanced directives, and guardianship and conservatorships.

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Health Care

Promoting and advancing patient safety by reviewing and, if necessary, updating current policies, rules, regulations and providing accurate, reliable and sound legal advice on complex, ever-changing health care issues.

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Pharmacy Law

Proudly representing the pharmacy profession while continuing to promote patient safety and improve the quality of health care through regulatory and governmental compliance and continuous quality improvement.

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Trusts and Estates

Managing personal affairs and properly ensuring the distribution of property and personal assets means proactively addressing incapacity concerns, advanced health care directives, post death estate administration and other areas of estate planning.

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Medicare & Medicaid

Assisting seniors and their families in determining which government program would provide the best coverage based on their health care needs and goals. Early decision-making is critical when addressing the issues inevitably associated with aging family members.

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Health Care Consulting

Providing up-to-date, reliable and accurate health care legal advice to patients, health care professionals, hospitals and other health care providers to ensure compliance with all applicable policies, rules and regulations. Advancing patient safety is a primary focus.

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Meet John Paul Baer

John brings over fifteen combined years of experience as a pharmacist and attorney to the Baer Law Firm LLC. John's personal goal since finishing law school was to incorporate both his experiences as a clinical pharmacist and an attorney into his own, successful law practice. After obtaining his undergraduate and his Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD) degrees from the University of Arizona, John relocated to Colorado. He continued to work as a clinical hospital pharmacist while attending law school and obtained his Juris Doctorate (JD) at the University of Denver College of Law.

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The Baer Law Firm (Baer Law) focuses primarily on health care law, pharmacy law and elder law issues. Its founder, John Paul Baer, is an attorney and a clinical hospital pharmacist. He prides himself on placing the needs of his clients and their families first and foremost.

John, as part of a health care management team, knows firsthand that clients, patients and families can quickly become overwhelmed when dealing with the increasingly complex health care and elder law rules and regulations. With his vast health care knowledge and legal expertise, John can assist in deciphering these rules and regulations.

John continues to work directly with patients and he values and respects the confidential patient-pharmacist relationship, where the pharmacist, as the medication expert, directly interacts and effectively communicates with patients, who have placed all their trust in the pharmacist. Similarly, John, as the legal expert, develops comparable client-attorney relationships, where his focus remains on his clients, their needs, and their expectations as his clients are wholeheartedly entrusting that he sufficiently and adequately represents and addresses all their needs.

Whether he is assisting clients on asset structuring for Medicaid planning or designating a medical power of attorney or representing a fellow health care professional before their state licensing board, John always places the needs of his clients first. He values close, personal client relationships and focuses on thoroughly understanding each client’s objectives and expectations. Through effective communication, efficient work management and predictable fees, he delivers results his clients deserve.

Baer Law. Client Focused. Results Driven.

If you have questions encompassing Baer Law Firm or John’s expertise please contact Baer Law directly.